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Dr. Harold Aspden

Dr. Aspden, Ph.D., FIEE, FIMechE, C.Eng, C.Phys is a British electrophysicist, inventor, engineer and chartered patent agent with over 4 decades of extensive theoretical and experimental research work in magnetism, electrodynamics, thermodynamics and nuclear physics. Author of several books proposing an original unification of physics, Dr. Aspden has written over 100 scientific papers on these subjects published in peer-reviewed journals. His epoch-making 1969 paper on the Aspden Law of Electrodynamics served as theoretical foundation for the Correa PAGD technology. He holds an impressive portfolio of granted British and American patents ranging from reluctance motors to Vacuum-Arc Discharge conversion apparatuses. From 1963 to 1983, Dr. Aspden served as European Director of IBM's Patent Operations in Europe, which involved direction of their seven Patent Departments in Europe, staffed by 100 attorneys and supporting staff. He served as Rapporteur in the Intellectual Property field within the International Chamber of Commerce and was, for a period, President of the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Federation, the voice of major industrial interests in the U.K. After taking early retirement from IBM, Dr. Aspden pursued his personal scientific research interests at the Electrical Engineering Department of Southampton University, with IBM sponsorship. Since 1994, and following his winning a U.K. Government SMART AWARD, Dr. Aspden has been pursuing research on a new magnetic reluctance motor project, most suitable for being PAGD/IVAD driven, which incorporates a novel and revolutionary design. Together with the late Dr. E. Mallove, Dr. H. Aspden (since 1995) has been one the main scientific advisors to the Correas in the area of Physics.


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