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June 14, 2001

Dear Paulo and Alexandra,

Thank you for asking me to write a brief review of my observations after my visits to your laboratory in the Toronto, Canada area in August 2000 and in March 2001. Initially, the observations at your laboratory were covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), but now you have requested this testimonial letter and you have my permission to post it and use it as you please. I wish to convey, with as great precision as I can in this short space, my observations and conclusions about your work with what might well be called "aether science and technology." I am trying to be as circumspect as I can about this most remarkable new direction for science, which you have evidently advanced considerably. That takes some doing even for one who is experienced with the astonishing scientific findings in the low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) field, because what I observed at your laboratory is so very dissonant with what I had come to understand about the alleged certainties of modern physics. Frankly, I was shaken and stunned by the observations and measurements in your laboratory when I was there. I will never forget those experiences. These are my views and only my views, for no one else from Infinite Energy was with me and can attest to my observations or has any basis for questioning or substantiating them, apart from their trust in my abilities and integrity.

First, let me mention to newcomers that your technical work has appeared before in our magazine, Infinite Energy, beginning in 1996 in connection with your patented Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGD) electric power generator technology and experiments (Issues #7, #8, #9, #17, and #23). That excess energy technology was validated to my satisfaction at high power level, using multiple measuring techniques during the on-site visits employing conventional electric meters, a digital storage oscilloscope, and a computer data acquisition system. On my last visit, when your PAGD inverter technology had improved considerably from my first visit, I observed an input DC power to the PAGD reactor of 50 watts, with an output motor power (mechanical shaft power) of approximately 500 watts. I commented to you that this could easily be made self-sustaining with a DC generator on the output shaft of the motor, and you agreed with that general conclusion. My understanding is that several other respected Ph.D. scientists have similarly been present in recent times at your laboratory to witness the PAGD experiments and even more remarkable ones connected with your already self-sustaining Aether Motor devices, which I will discuss below.

Issue #37 (May/June 2001) of Infinite Energy contains your most recent paper with us - one of the most important papers Infinite Energy has ever published, "The Reproducible Thermal Anomaly of the Reich-Einstein Experiment Under Limit Conditions." Anyone who wishes to gain an insight into the quality of your work, should read this. But that article, I must emphasize, is but the merest "tip of the iceberg" of your much wider discoveries and technical contributions, which you have reviewed with me on both visits and in other conversations. As my editorial in Issue #37 ("A Bombshell in Science") notes, you intended to be publishing much, much more of your experimental and theoretical work on the internet. You have kept your promise and have done so. You have my congratulations and gratitude for this landmark publication. This will make possible widespread validations of your scientific work. I must emphasize to all readers of this letter that reproduction by others is the only way in which your experimental and theoretical work will ultimately be accepted. I know that you seek such reproduction by other careful investigators, because such remarkable reports from unfamiliar scientific territory cannot be accepted at face value by others as true, even though I am truthfully relating them.

I had reviewed some of your written material already on my visits with you and it is spectacular, as those who will download from your new web site will discover. As we well know, there are severe obstructions to publishing frontier scientific work today and this is why you have chosen to publish on the internet for modest down-loading fees. In recent times we have serendipitously discovered that there are actual lists of forbidden topics, which formally and informally exist at two major scientific publications, Science and Nature, and we are all familiar with how excellent work in the LENR field has been banned from those publications and ridiculed in flimsy journalistic accounts. I very much regret that your experimental and theoretical work could not have been reviewed and then published in the various mainstream scientific publications, where it should, by right, be placed. That is a loss for the world and for those publications, but such is the nature of the "peer review" system that has grown to be such a rigid filter against ideas that change reigning scientific paradigms. Nonetheless, I do expect that the publication of your series of extensive articles on the internet will have a revolutionary effect, particularly once your experimental work begins to be validated by others. I think that this will be extremely beneficial to the entire so-called new energy field, which is much in need of comprehensive theories with evident predictive value, as your work surely appears to have, based on the many experiments that you showed me, not all of which are related here.

The subject now concerns experiments and conclusions that go far beyond your previously published and patented PAGD work. The bottom line of all your work is the complete validation, it seems to me, of the existence of an energetic aether (or ether, as some may prefer), which you have learned to tap technologically in various ways to make self-sustaining motors. There is simply no other way of explaining what I observed. Others may try to invoke theories of "ZPE" (which apparently does not enter the picture in either an experimental or theoretical sense at all) or will claim that you may be engaging in fraud. That will be their problem, not yours. I firmly believe that you have honestly confronted nature and have no interest in engaging in flimflam especially since there are far simpler ways to gain financial advantage than by performing elaborate experiments (which, when published, can be falsified or criticised by others) and interlinked theories. If anything, you have held back this information about your technology longer than I would have preferred. Your findings and accomplishments, above all, open up a new energy source, but it is also obviously profound, new physics. This has come about because of your vigorous pursuit of the truth about the work begun by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s and pursued by him and colleagues into the 1950s. I regret to say that prior to your informing me of your intellectual investigation along the general lines of what Reich had begun, I had little knowledge of the work of Reich, and had actually absorbed the insidious and nasty media-generated opinion that it was perhaps some kind of "New Age" smoke and mirrors. How wrong I was!

Let me say that my editorial in Infinite Energy #37 May/June 2001) should give readers the gist of how important I think your paper in that issue is for physics and how historically important was the episode that involved Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Reich, and Einstein's assistant Leopold Infeld in the 1940s. As you know, if it is referred to at all in general biographies of Einstein, the Reich interaction and experiment is dismissed as of no consequence. And, as my editorial points out, Dr. Reich was marginalized and mocked by Time magazine in 1999 on the same page with Drs. Fleischmann and Pons. Apart from the misgivings many might have due to circulating misinformation about Reich and his former focus on matters of sexuality and politics, I wish to inform them that I am absolutely certain that the thermal anomaly of the Reich-Einstein experiment is real and has no trivial explanation. I have observed it myself independently under careful conditions here at our New Energy Research Laboratory (NERL) and will be publishing my results at a future time. (Others should know that thermal anomaly is very easy to observe with calibrated mercury thermometers of the proper range and resolution0.05·C highly recommended but there are some pitfalls too, so they should read your paper carefully and the much greater body of experimental information that is on the new web site. This puts the thermal anomaly in a broader physics context.) I am also now quite certain that the other physics anomalies observed and published by Reich are real - the electroscopic observations as well as the observations of effects on energy-saturated vacuum tubes, a serendipitous discovery of his with Geiger-Muller tubes. I have not personally measured these latter, but I note that you have done so extensively. It evidently is the basis upon which your Aether Motors work, otherwise I cannot imagine how you could have pursued those motors to the point that you have reached. You have most certainly gone beyond what Dr. Reich claimed to have achieved in these motor effects stemming from energy accumulation in ORACs (orgone accumulators).

On August 27, 2000 at your laboratory, we completed lengthy discussions and activities which included: an overview tour of your most impressive labs, a review of significant introductory aetherometric papers for your then forthcoming web publications, exercising of the PAGD apparatus, demonstration of various heuristic electronic experiments connected with externally powered electromagnetic coils, and demonstration of an apparently clear, significant (70% reduction level) anti-gravity effect on an approximately 45 milligram piece of gold foil. I was then given the first demonstration of your first stage Aether Motor. You asserted that it had no battery or other active energy producing elements within its small, approximately 0.2 cubic foot, electronics box, which was then closed. Its only evident power source were two adjacent, approximately one-cubic foot each metal Faraday cages, each covered by removable ORAC-type covers of about two-inch thickness (with no bottoms). I opened the doors to the Faraday Cages to see that they were empty of power sources. I have no doubt that you would allow me to open the delicate motor electronics box to examine it fully if I were to visit your laboratory today. However, I do not represent to anyone that I have examined its innards. (Your honesty in this matter is accepted by me, pending proof otherwise. Additionally, I have discussed the contents of the electronics box with another Ph.D. scientist, who recently visited your lab, and who saw, upon the electronics box being opened for his inspection, only electronic circuitry, no batteries.)

The ORAC covers were removed to show me that nothing was electrically connected to the metal boxes. No matter, because each of these ORACs were connected to the Aether Motor by only a single insulated copper wire, with a metal contact. There was no evident ground wire or metal object of any kind to complete the circuit to the ORACs! Yet the motor started upon being connected to the ORACs. Its short output shaft could be mechanically stopped by my hand and it had the tug of a motor I would estimate to be in the several watt range. It would restart instantly upon being released. On that year 2000 visit, the motor moved from 50 RPM to the several hundred RPM range, varying with time and conditions, but on my second visit, you had arranged a second Aether Motor set up that operated in the several thousand RPM range, as shown by a tachometer. The tug of its shaft seemed to put it in the few tens of watts range in mechanical output. I would have wished to stay longer to make exacting mechanical measurements of the output power, but the overwhelming experience of observing interaction with the motor was quite enough for that visit! I hope to return to your facility to make such detailed measurements with you. I was most astonished and fascinated to observe effects with your Aether Motor that seem incontrovertibly connected with the biophysical energy processes characterized by Reich. Holding my hand to one of the wire leads to the Aether Motor would make it increase its speed! Holding another person's hand, with mine still attached to the wire lead would make the motor run even faster! These are the most astonishing observations I have ever made. I was standing on a concrete floor with rubber-sole shoes. I can think of no explanation (barring fraud, which I rule out) other than some sort of "biological transduction" of energy into the motor. Moreover, the motor circuit included an external transparent glass evacuated discharge tube with two aluminum plates. While an Aether Motor was operating, bright discharge sparks were occurring in the glass chamber between the plates. It is a completely alien concept to accepted physics, but apparently true, that ordinary mass-bound charges electrons were apparently being brought into existence from the plenum of the energetic aether.

On each of the visits, the motors appeared to run indefinitely, and you asserted that you had run them for periods of up to eight hours, but that there was no fundamental limit to their being powered indefinitely by the new energy source - the energetic aether. There was no apparent diminution of motive power while I was in the room for a period of approximately one hour.

We continued each visit with further discussions of the performance characteristics of the new Aether Motor technology and its possible extension into demonstration devices, which I hope will eventually be forthcoming. (I am happy that you have now completed the patent application process for these Aether Motors.) We also discussed other validation approaches to further your efforts and proposals. I must say that of all the laboratories I have visited in my entire life in science and engineering, yours has been by far the most impressive and worthy of significant funding. I am deeply appreciative that you gave me the opportunity to learn about your experiments and theories at a level that few if any outsiders previously have had. You have done absolutely brilliant work that deserves the most rigorous verification and ultimate acceptance by the scientific/technological community. Whether your aetherometric theories of motor operation are accepted is another question, but I have little doubt that the motor technology itself will be validated in due course one way or the other, providing you are forthcoming with details of construction.

Let me end this testimonial with an assessment of the greater significance of the discovery and proof of an omnipresent, biophysically active energetic aether. It is comparable to the magnitude of the Copernican upheaval, and opposition to it will be, as expected, no less intense. Let me state the implications and conclusions into ones of which I am personally very certain:

There is an energetic aether that can be tapped to create electrical power and heat.

The energetic aether has definite biophysical properties with possibly a strong bearing on living systems.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics has limited validity, and it is clear from the historical record how such a disastrous restriction was postulated. The thermal anomaly of Reich is the final nail in the Second Law's coffin. The Second Law is not absolute and must be revised or extended.

There is Space and Time but no Space-time. That is, Einstein's theories of relativity are fundamentally wrong (despite their efficacy in rote formulaic application in certain areas) and must be replaced by one or more developed or developing theories.

Most important for technology as well as science: Mass free charges apparently exist as part of the energetic aether and are the basis for many of the critical observations made by Reich and others since the 1940s, including the motor-force observations that Reich made and published and his apocryphal but undoubtedly real (and witnessed) self-running electric motor. You have gone beyond his work to make robust systems.

Gravity can be controlled by electromagnetic means.

The mechanistic description of the world as "nothing but" atoms and subatomic particles flitting about in a formless vacuum, through which only electromagnetic radiation flows, is completely wrong. The complex aether is the most fundamental plenum of existence.


It has been a long time since March 23, 1989 when I became involved with the cold fusion controversy, and later began to reassess what other anomalous claims in science, particularly those associated with energy, might be real. We have seen many, many strange things, about many of which to this day we cannot be certain. Other claims that were initially surprising - such as heavy element transmutation - have now gained acceptance, at least within the cold fusion/LENR ranks. It seems that matter can disintegrate and change in drastic ways with minimal external perturbation. It is possible, but barely so in my view, that cold fusion and LENR will turn out to have nothing to do with an energetic aether and may be completely explainable by "conventional" physics. That may be true within certain limited regimes, but not I think, in larger scope. In my view, the heavy element transmutation aspects are particularly amenable to explanation under the influence of mass-free charges in an energetic aether. We shall see.

What you have shown quite clearly is a class of new discoveries, processes, and theories, which recapitulate discoveries that were marginalized earlier in the 20th century. The matter of the "Reich-Einstein Affair" is particularly appalling, but those familiar with the dynamics of the "cold fusion" controversy will not be surprised. These emerging discoveries now underway will lead, I believe, on a straight path to the development of free energy devices and propulsion systems of unlimited capacity. I believe that a common historical pattern will be repeated: many simultaneous discoveries of effects connected with this energy will occur. Technological devices are the only way in which the scientific establishment will be forced to change its very bad ways and gross misconceptions about physics, chemistry, and biology. The fossil fuel age will begin to come to a grinding halt and the age of free energy and unlimited powers for humanity will begin. If we are lucky, the world of science, as we have known it, will soon begin to undergo a radical, wrenching change. It will not be easy, but it is now inevitable.


Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
Director, New Energy Research Laboratory


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