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Management Consulting
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

March 7, 2002

Dear Alex and Paulo,

I am glad to add my letter of support to that of Dr. Mallove. Indeed, I have participated during November 2001 in a two-day seminar and demonstrations of your Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS). I also had the privilege of listening to your lectures and reading your technical papers. In all my scientific and business experience, which led me to examine many new and exotic technologies - never did I find such a wide and deep source of knowledge, supported by hundreds of well-documented experiments and astonishing devices. I have closely examined many of your devices while in operation, over an extended period of time, and I testify that no conventional source of energy was present, yet, heat and electricity and mechanical work were created, directly from the ground or from ORAC chambers or from a biological presence, using only passive components.

In my humble opinion, your breakthrough findings will eventually lead humanity to a new phase of existence.

I encourage readers who are, as I am, impressed by your work - to share with me their ideas on how to bring financial funding to this exciting technology. I clearly see a commercial potential in the Energy field as well as in Medicine, Transportation, and many other domains. In this case - even the sky is not a limit! Since this a revolution in Physics, our initial endeavor is to educate. The Aetherometry web site is the foundation and it should be followed by seminars and demonstration kits.

Dear reader - you may convey your ideas to:    usoudak@galarismail.com.


Uri Soudak


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