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A long time ago, when we were still students at York University, we began conducting research in alternative physics and biology. Our original interest was the experimental reproduction of Wilhelm Reich's various findings, and this had led us to become interested in the Michelson-Morley experiment and what Henri Bergson wrote about Relativity. Some years later, after one of us was accepted to a Master's Interdisciplinary Program with a proposed thesis to re-examine the positions of Bergson and Einstein in light of experiments designed to detect the Aether or Aether drift, there was this Hindu Professor, a summity in Relativity at York University, who took upon himself to reverse the acceptance because our view of inertia disagreed from the dogma of the increase in mass with velocity, but we could not produce a mathematical demonstration of it. Not back then. Had we followed his advice - to not meddle in physics - we would have never studied plasma physics or biology, never reached the threshold to enunciate anything even remotely like Aetherometry.

Our path, since then, has been fraught with such dismissals, repressions, enmities and confrontations, most often with authorities or would-be authorities that not only have not read any of what we wrote, but are actually incapable of reading (and not just our work). But we persevered - out of sheer determination sometimes, and at others because a dear friend gave us a hand to help continue.

If you are familiar with our work you do not need a litany of our efforts, failures and successes to know whether the continuation of the scientific research at ABRI is worth supporting. You know that we need your support to continue this work, and that this work carries no banner and has no other agenda than itself. Lend us a hand! Any donation that you choose to make will contribute to our ongoing research in Aetherometry and technology development. You can either make a donation by check or money order or, if you prefer to use a credit card or PayPal, you can use the button below, which links to the PayPal account of Akronos Publishing. In either case, your donation will be kept strictly anonymous unless you request otherwise).

January 2008

Dr. Paulo N. Correa, MSc, PhD
President and R&D Director

Ms. Alexandra Correa, HBA
Vice-President and General manager


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