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The ABRI, its research and publications would not have been possible without the unceasing efforts of our Friends. At this dire hour in the future of society, when the entirety of its history depends upon a gargantuam thirst for energy, and the very survival of Life becomes confronted with the politico-economic dependency upon nonrenewable resources (oil, coal), we should remember those Friends who made possible these efforts at scientific research and development of alternative energy and biophysical technologies, and those without whose support the present efforts would not continue.

We would like to remember first those now fallen. Dr. Rui Silva, who supported from the very beginning the our effort at Labofex and in commercializing their PAGD technologies. An unforgettable friend who never gave up the combat. Dr. Eugene Mallove, the creator and Editor-In-Chief of Infinite Energy, was murdered in the most mysterious of circumstances, at the height of his involvement with our projects for the ABRI, Akronos Publishing, and the commercialization of aetherometric technologies. Dr. Mallove, our co-worker and co-author, was a founding member of ISFA, Aethera, a member of ABRI, and acting representative for our comercial and educational interests, from 2001 to the time of his death. He made generous donations, gave freely of his time, provided equipment, wrote reviews, summaries and introductions to Aetherometry, participated in the ASG lists, and would have headed the educational component of the Institute had he found the major sponsor he was looking for, and not met a tragic death.

Our debt of gratitude to close friends and allies in scientific and philosophical combat, like these, is enormous. We would like to mention those whose unwavering effort has permitted the continuation of the ABRI and its research, since 2004.

Dr. Malgosia Askanas, logician and mathematician, Editor-In-Chief of Akronos Publishing, our co-worker and co-author, editor of our publications, co-founder of ABRI and without whose energy, initiative and constant effort Akronos Publishing would not exist.

Mr. Uri Soudak, who for 11 years searched for possible investors for our technologies. We wish we had found a sponsor that would have permitted the effective commercialization of our technologies, so that Uri could have dedicated his time to what he desired most - the development and commercialization of these technologies.

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Arthur Axelrad, dear friend and mentor who shared many adventures with us and never ceased encouraging us to continue.

Dr. Harold Aspden, also a dear friend and mentor who has never ceased to support our efforts and those of Eugene Mallove, whose counsel we have always treasured, and on whose knowledge we so often relied.

Dr. W.P., a staunch supporter of Dr. Mallove and of our work, who made possible the continued existence of our publishing venture and the ongoing 3rd generation HYBORAC effort.

Dr. D.G. who took us half-way around the world, nearly found a way to commercialize our aetherometric technologies, and continues to generously support ABRI research, give us his friendship and his treasured counsel.

Mr. and Mrs. M.C., whose donations made possible the publication of the Correas' book in Nanobiology, a book which Dr. Mallove instigated and so much wanted to have seen published. In fact, his last writing was the preface to that book.

Mr. David Pratt, who has unwaveringly supported our work by varied and most stimulating contributions.

Dr. Jordi Sola, who created the Catalan and Spanish translations of the Aetherometry articles in the Encyclopedia Nomadica.

Without these Friends, ABRI would not exist. Aetherometry would not exist. The fact that the ABRI is still conducting research in Aetherometry is largely due of those Friends who have generously helped it to continue.

Our gratitude to them is too immense for words.


For the ABRI,

Dr. Paulo N. Correa
Ms. Alexandra N. Correa


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